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Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2018 October 11 Tomorrow in Beatles History (Click here for today in Beatles History.) 1967 - John Lennon and Yoko Ono opened their joint exhibition Half-a-Wind Show at London's Lisson Gallery. 1988 - Ringo Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach, entered a rehab center to be treated for alcoholism. Beatles Quotes

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Today in Beatles History. October 11 1956 Blair Cunningham is born at Memphis, Tennessee. 1962 'Love Me Do' enters the favorite songs ranking published by 'Record Retailer'.

Bootleg Beatles History
1980 'Beatlemania' closes in February after a short run and 'look-alike band' The Bootleg Beatles is formed, signing up to the late Brian Epstein's NEMS Agency. Their first gig is a college shindig in Tiverton, Devon on 26th March. The band cut their teeth playing clubs and colleges around the UK and are booked to play The Star Club later in the year but the famed venue goes bankrupt on the ...

What is Chas Newby’s place in Beatles history?
In December 1960, Charles ‘Chas’ Newby was temporarily the bassist for The Beatles.The members of The Beatles had returned from their first trip to Germany in early December, except for bassist Stuart Sutcliffe who stayed behind in Hamburg with a cold. Sutcliffe didn’t return back to Liverpool until January 20, 1961, with airfare money borrowed from his girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr.

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july 6 1957: ivan vaughan (a childhood friend of john lennon) brings schoolmate paul mccartney to the woolton parish church fete in liverpool; one of the bands entertaining that day was the quarry men.

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A collection of Beatles related informational, sound and picture files, made available for study by Beatles fans and scholars all over the world to explore the behind-the-scenes details of Beatlemania and its impact on modern music and our society.

50 Years Ago: Ringo Starr Temporarily Quits the Beatles
Although they wouldn't officially disband until April 1970, the first signs that the Beatles were starting to come apart at the seams took place on Aug. 22, 1968. A little more than six years to ...

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ライヴ演奏:キャバーン・クラブ (初夜) /リヴァプール [ビートルズ詳解]
ビートルズはこの日、初めてキャバーン・クラブ (Cavern Club) の夜のステージに出演した。彼らの過去11回のキャバーン出演はすべてランチタイムショーだった。

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Here is a listing of all of the Beatles Bible's historical blog posts written so far. It's the most comprehensive online day-by-day guide to The Beatles' lives and career with articles on their history from the 1920s to the present day – including live shows, record releases, recording sessions and much, much more.